Call Me Now !! Massage And Tantra For Women

17 Desember 2018 12:35 | dibaca 10 kali

As an experience therapist I can give you a very personal and fun moment,

.. I give women a chance to enjoy my technique to spend your next ecstasy 2 hour,
in your place ?

To open your senses .. Pleasure could be 120 minutes away ..

.. by Full Body Massage .. Sensual Tantric / Yoni Therapy

.. which is it is very Exotic Provocative .. Tantalizing Arousing .. Irresistible Unforgettable ..

So ladies this is the time .. I will bring it to you at your place for your Privacy and Comfortable.

Yes .. This is 100% pure Massage .. Pleasure .. Redefined .. Quintessentially ..

be Experience The Extraordinary .. The Art Of Orgasm by Yoni Therapy .

.. I am available in Jakarta Indonesia for provide it to you.

I am available for on-call make appointment at 085691827426

I am available from Monday till Friday at 09:00 pm to 17:00 am only.

Charge only IDR. 450.000,-

My Expertise, Full Body Massage, Yoni Massage.

- Full Body Massage is good for relaxation.

- Yoni Therapy is A Secret Of Pleasure by Fingers For Play.


- it is good for your experience thrilling new sensations, and to awakening your positive sexually energy.

- Your Identity is safe for your comfortable.

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